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Viewpoint from Veronica Baldwin for 20th September 2013

Veronica Baldwin
Member of Gorleston Baptist Church

Are you a believer?  Do you believe in anything at all?  I believe we all believe in something, however simple that belief might be, such as theCopy of VIEWPOINTS 001 belief that the night will end and a new day will dawn, just because it always happens, and has always happened. Nothing breaks that chain, it's part of nature, part of the natural laws of nature, Dove rightas much as there are laws of science, laws of maths, etc, in this world in which we live. We believe because it is, and we witness them with our own eyes day after day. It is the law of the universe.
So it is with God.  God has laws.  Those laws in God's sight cannot be broken without there being consequences.  We can and do break those laws, but it is to our detriment that we do.  God gave us commandments to live by, because God knows that by obeying them we will live, not only in obedience to Him, but also because those laws are beneficial to us in our daily lives. Take the second greatest commandment Jesus gave us, “Love your neighbour as you love yourself.”  In the book of James in The Bible, God says “What is causing the quarrels and fights among you?  Isn't it because there is a whole army of evil desires within you? You want what you don't have so you kill to get it. You long for what others have, and can’t afford it, so you start a fight to take it away from them.” We are not obeying the law of God when we behave like this and we are causing pain and suffering to others.
What has this to do with belief?  If you took away the laws that govern our universe absolute chaos would prevail.  Our world would collapse around us. Whether we believe in the laws that exist or not, that doesn't change their reality.  So it is with God.  Whether we believe in God or not, it doesn't change the reality of His existence. One day we will all meet our Maker, and my prayer is that you will come to know and believe in Him now before that day arrives.  No one can make you believe anything, unless they are able to enable you to experience that knowledge personally, or to prove it to you.  I can't do either, but God can.  All I can do is witness to you that God has met with me and changed my life.  He has never let me down, although I have often let Him down by my lack of love and obedience, but He has provided me and all who believe in Him with a Saviour, and His name is Jesus. He is the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, so whoever you are, whatever you have done, you can still come to God through Jesus. He will never turn you away.