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Viewpoint from Dave Weeks 31/05/2013

D Weeks photoA Night to Remember
Dave Weeks, Pastor, New Life Church
...It was the day I was invited to tea to meet my girlfriend's parents.
Whilst eating our evening meal her Dad suddenly says, “We must hurry or we will all be late for Church tonight.” That ALL included me!
dove left 
Walking to Church on that dark wintry night I thought, “What on earth have I let myself in for here?” The last place I wanted to be on a Sunday evening was in Church. To me Christianity seemed dull and boring.
That night I was in for a shock. The people in this Church were enjoying themselves! I certainly hadn't seen this side of Christianity before. They were singing and talking as if they Knew God personally. They said Jesus was really alive and that He had done so much for them. He'd changed their lives, put joy in their hearts and given them a reason for living. I didn't understand it all, but I became inquisitive.
Dove right 
True or False
As time went by, and as I talked with some of these Christians I began to sense that what they were saying was true. Yes, God was real. I could see it in their lives. I began to look into the Bible. I began to feel very uncomfortable. I'd lived a relatively good life but I soon realised that I wasn't really right with God. However, I ignored this and remained determined to live life my way.
I used to be a racing cyclist. There was a crash in one of our races and a friend of mine died in front of my eyes. I realised the seriousness of it all. Had he gone to Heaven? I didn't know.
            Jesus had said “I am the Way, the Truth and the life, no-one comes to the Father except     through me.” (John 14 v 6)
I prayed and asked Jesus to come and take over my life
New Life
Something happened inside me that day. Suddenly I too knew God, just as those in that Church did. That was in 1977 and it is still the same today. Jesus is real to me now and I know I am forgiven of ALL my sins. I feel free, secure and clean. I experience joy and peace in my life and am assured of a place in Heaven. Over the years He has kept me, healed me, provided for me, set me free from hurts and given me a meaning and purpose in life.
A day to remember for You?
Like I once did, you may think that church is boring and irrelevant. Of this you can be sure, that if the Church I belong to was like that, I would leave it immediately! But at the end of the day it is not about Church – it's about our relationship with Jesus. If you call out to Him to come into your life and commit your life to Him, He will come to you, and you too will find your life changed. You, too, could have a day to remember!
Oh, and why not consider finding a Church to go along to. What have you got to lose? You could be pleasantly surprised and even enjoy it!
MikeJ (Guest) 03/06/2013 13:25
The Day I remember
When God Showed me "It Is Finished" and all my efforts were not required as he had done it all. Gospel Freedom is for all

Bertie (Guest) 04/06/2013 08:38
Thanks for sharing this with us Pastor Weeks.

MikeJ - I think I understand what you mean when you say 'all my efforts were not required'. But when I read Romans 6 (the whole chapter) it does bring to me a deep sense of responsibility towards my Saviour and I realise that my sinful nature, if left effortless, will tend to default towards sin. See Rom.6:16
MikeJ (Guest) 12/06/2013 00:41
If that is true then you are not New in Nature, born of the spirit, but identifying with sin and not his righteousness. It is the mind renewed that apprehends the Christ identity. We are saints not sinners we are entirely redeemed as in Ephesians 2.