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Viewpoint from Rev Leda Schofield 05/04/2013

Dove rightRev Leda Schofield
Associate Pastor, Park Baptist Church
We can experience God’s goodness and faithfulness to us through all the different seasons of the year. God’s promise to Noah after the Flood was that “As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.” Genesis. 8:22. and true to His Word, the seasons follow each other faithfully, year in and year out

Spring has definitely arrived! The daffodils and crocuses are already embellishing the gardens. What a lovely time to enjoy God’s creation!  The seeds that lay under the soil during the winter are now springing up to life. This is also a time of new life for the animal world, which can be noticed particularly with the lambing season
dove left
For Christians in this country, spring is a special time. It’s in this season that we celebrate Easter. That’s when we remember the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, as we have just done recently
Spiritually, spring can be compared to a time of new beginnings or rebirth. And because of all the Lord Jesus has done for us, we have had the opportunity to have a new beginning, forgetting what is behind, and moving forward with Him
The Jewish people celebrate Passover around this time too. They remember the time when they were slaves in Egypt, and the wonderful way that the Lord liberated them from slavery. It’s a big celebration for them. Having lived in Israel for some years, I remember that during this time the housewives would do a deep clean in their houses. The symbolism comes from biblical times, when God told the households during Passover to clear their houses of any yeast (which symbolised sin in their lives). So, some Jewish households (who can afford it), even throw away their old crockery and buy new!
What a good time for us also to do an appraisal of our lives, to look for the ‘yeast’ in them, to see whether there is anything that needs to be rooted out from our lives
I hope you enjoy this season, and marvel once again at God’s creation. I also hope you take the opportunity to reflect upon your life, and if needed, to get rid of any ‘yeast’ found
Feedback: (Guest) 18/06/2013 09:33
Having just read and located you Leda, we greet you warmly and trust that you are still celebrating your faith. We saw your serving ministry and bless you and the church.
We are still in Wattignies, serving too and believing.
our best love and wishes,
Ian & Elsabeth