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Viewpoint from Jim Way 15th March 2013

Jim Way Worship Leader
Bradwell Methodist Church


What do most of us do when we are shown a new born baby?  If we know the parents then we congratulate them.  Most of us would make a great fuss of the child.  Smiling and saying to the baby, something like “Coochie, Coochie Coo;” or something like that and perhaps pretend to tickle the babe, until we get a smile.
Recently my wife Alice and I were introduced to a lovely little baby boy.  We felt especially pleased for the parents, as they already had two daughters and they now have the perfectly balanced family.  I think that we tend to forget sometimes that all children are the future of the World.
Some 2012 years ago another Mother called Mary, gave birth to a little baby boy: He was to become the most famous and important child that was ever born.  He was God’s Son named Jesus; and He was sent to all Earth for many purposes; one of which was to experience all of the things which we have to grouse or maybe feel happy about and of course most of us know about what happened to Him!
As time went on, Jesus experienced every aspect of living as a Human Being; anDove rightd as we all know in the end, at the early age of about 33 years old He was crucified on a wooden cross taking our sins away with Him.
The same God’s Son was with God and His Holy Spirit at the creation of the Universe.  When they cleverly planned and implemented the formation of our planet Earth and all things in it as explained in the Bible; the Holy Spirit and Jesus danced on the waters of the sea with joy.


Recently several scientist, some non believers, studied the words of creation as in Genesis.  At the end of the studies, they all concluded that God’s will was done and that the Bible is correct.
So here we all are doing our various things, some planned by God and some where we have deviated and gone our own ways for God gave each of us free wills.
Perhaps we should all listen to that still small voice, and then think twice before acting?  Let us think about those new born babies and let us also think about the baby Jesus, who grew up to be the Saviour of our sins and did so much for us all in His short life.
Jesus still lives in Heaven so don’t be afraid to ask Him for anything.  You can guarantee that He will answer your prayers, just be patient and wait for the results, you will be amazed.