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Kutoka Kenya Jambo!
'Jambo’ (hello in Swahili)
KUTOKA KENYAKutoka Kenya is restocking shortly and wants to clear current stock to make room.  All stock is HALF PRICE and available online and also at a special HALF PRICE SALE on

Friday 15th March

7pm to 9pm


6 Osborne Avenue
Great Yarmouth

Founded by Charlotte and Aashik Dhanani, Kutoka Kenya brings you distinctive handcrafted products, inspired by natural materials and the vibrancy of African culture. Aashik and Charlotte have both worked in the UK fashion industry for over 7 years
Handicrafts are a major source of employment and income for the local people in Kenya. Every item from this website has been selected and bought from local Kenyan markets. They have made a commitment to pay a fair price to the craftsmen who make their goods and to support children's projects in their communities. Supporting poor producers enables them to use their skills and resources to trade their way out of poverty.Kutoka means ‘from’ in Swahili, this is exactly what this brand is all about
One of the main reasons for the business is to help local people of Kenya to trade their way out of poverty. As the products are bought directly from the traders/ markets, it ensures that the locals receive a fair price for the product that they produce
Pleated Industries Kenya Ltd is the company that assists them in sourcing the products locally from traders and markets
Bosky Industries is the company that employs majority of their staff from local communities that are struggling to survive. One of the communities that they support has been recognize in the UK. For example, Kibera slums near Nairobi
They are trying to promote the businesses and traders by purchasing the products at a fair price