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Viewpoint for 22nd February from Paul Juby

Paul Juby
Lay Preacher Thurne Methodist Church
National President Stedfast Assns (the Boys' Brigade alumni)
Hon Vice-President Boys' Brigade Malaysia
President Norfolk Stedfast Assn

The Americans call me a "PK" - a Preacher's Kid.  Just like many others I was not a Christian. However, I was brought up to attend three events every Sunday which I found to be too much for me! As a teenager, I told my father that a good Buddhist, a good Moslem or a good Hindu were just as good as a Christian.  I then continued to go to church but only once a week which really was just by habit. At the age of twenty I obtained a job on the Island of Penang in Malaysia which was a great new world for me.
In exploring the city I found a Methodist Church and decided to attend the Sunday service. It was very different to what I was used to in England. Every seat was taken, and many young people attended also the worship was vibrant! The American Pastor persuaded me to join the Youth Fellowship. I soon found out that most of the people were Christians but came from Buddhist and Hindu homes.
They conducted their own Sunday afternoon meetings. I listened to their testimonies of how they found Jesus and how they had to break through resistance from their parents. How some had to put Jesus before their families because Jesus had changed their lives. Then I found out that every week day, on the way to school by cycling, they called in  the church for a 30 minute Prayer Service again run entirely by the teenagers, they called those attending "The Cross Bearers". The Pastor and his wife would sit at the back.
I suddenly realised that being a Christian opened a new world. These teenagers had found waking up to Jesus was the greatest thing in their lives. It made me feel I had missed so much and I gave my whole self to Jesus. Within weeks I knelt at the altar of the church during a packed Sunday service to become an active Christian.
At the next Youth Fellowship meeting, the teenage Leader suddenly announced with a smile that Paul will now lead us in prayer". I wanted to disappear, I was shocked!  Somehow I stumbled through my first prayer. My Christian life had started.
That was 60 years ago. My new life has been full of adventures, dangers, miracles and the ups and downs all accompanied by my Saviour Jesus. .Anyone not used to a church ? Start now, see if you have a good welcome, see if you can feel it is for you, Sometimes  you have to try another church, denominations are not always the key, just be sure you feel it is a caring church and one you will be happy to attend. A place to change your life.
The same can happen with any Viewpoint reader!  Break through any walls of doubt, Jesus is waiting. And foDove rightr Christians who thought attending church on a Sunday was enough - you are dead wrong! The Bible tells us that faith is not enough and action, good works must go with faith. No exceptions!
I have a very favourite picture. It is a picture of a ship in a stormy sea, big waves, dark clouds and the deck awash. Standing at the helm is a teenage boy dressed in a red tee shirt firmly holding the wheel and with a face that showed no fear. Why ? Because, pictured behind the boy is Jesus standing with His hand on his shoulder. Wonderful ! What a good example for every one of us! So many of us have not completely woken up, think on that picture, think about becoming a"Do-er of His Word"!
By the way, if like me you are classed as "elderly" did you know that "Retirement" is not mentioned in the Bible. Thank goodness! We can serve Jesus to the very day we are called to leave this earth, .Praise Him

Teenagers, this is a challenge - and in Norfolk we say "Du different". Stand out! Be courageous go out and meet Jesus you will never regret it.  Go ahead - use my password "JUST DO IT!"