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Viewpoint from Carolyn Cliff 21/12/2012

Carolyn Cliff
Reader, Great Yarmouth Minster
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I wonder if any of you have spotted in our local shops and market stalls sheep with names on as part of the Minster's Advent Sheep Trail this year?  There have also been a number of community groups and families who have hosted (been a Posada) to a Travelling Nativity set
Posada is the Spanish for lodging place or inn.  The Advent journey of Posada started in Mexico where people dressed as Mary and Joseph and went from house to house asking for a place to stay.   They re-enacted Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem and a search for a place to stay for the night
As the Travelling Nativity has gone around from house to house and group to group we have hoped for a warm welcome.  A candle has been lit and a very simple act of worship was shared.  The story of Jesus' birth just over two thousand years ago is once again told to young and old alike
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In a few days’ time many of us will be celebrating Christmas and the birth of Jesus, son of God.  Who came as a baby, grew and learnt as a child. As a man, he left home and travelled around Galilee and Israel telling of how much God loved his people and wanted the best for all humankind.  People did not want to change their ways then or understand how much God loves them.  So Jesus was arrested, condemned to death and died on a cross bearing our sins.  He was buried.  But was that the end?
No, the good news is that is not the end of the Christmas story.  The Good News is Jesus rose from the dead and is with God the Father.  Through the Holy Spirit we know of God's love as shown by Jesus in our hearts and respond by loving him and others
The sad thing is, many do not want to know of love or share love.  Many will be left out in the cold with no place to go, as Mary and Joseph did. Some will have a lonely meal on their own.  Can you share a little love with them?
We say Christmas is a time for families and a time for sharing.  I hope you will find it so
Merry Christmas and the blessing of the Christ Child be with you this Christmas and all year