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Viewpoint from Paul Juby for 14th September 2012

Paul Juby
Lay Preacher Thurne Methodist Church
National President Stedfast Assns (the Boys' Brigade alumni)
Hon Vice-President Boys' Brigade Malaysia
President Norfolk Stedfast Assn

Someone said "God made round faces men made them long". Walk through a shopping mall, check the faces! Worried looks, sad faces, seems most have the blues do you feel the same way? Get pen and paper. Recall the old song about counting your blessings. Allow at least half an hour to write down every happy event you have ever had, include very old ones up to now. Most people will need more time! Then realise that every good thing, every good thing comes from God, ponder on this and be very thankful.
Real good life, happy life comes from God. Galatians 3 verse 11 says "The man (or woman) who finds life will find it through trusting God" Believe this!
For many years I was a rubber planter in Malaysia during the time when there were communist bandits. It was a dangerous time. Each day I walked around the 6000 acre estate accompanied by a bodyguard of four police. On one occasion we reached a fork in the paths, I took the left fork. Half an hour later a police party met us, they had been told thirty armed bandits were in ambush for us along the right hand path. Many would say we were very lucky. As a Christian I disagree, I thanked the Lord for directing me to safety. Not only were there the bandits, at least four times I was saved from king cobras, once a boa constrictor in a swamp protected when fighting fires set by the bandits when I had no bodyguard. We lost 1000 acres but not our lives.
Dove right

I learnt from real events that the Lord Jesus is always with us. He never leaves us. If we ever feel He is not close it is because we moved away from Him, no other reason.
Now back to your list - you may have had hard times, you may have been very ill, you have had bereavements, times which seemed as black as night. Yet each time you have come through - include in your good times the happiness of getting through those bad times. God was there, and if you have never thanked Him start thanking Him now! Be assured He loves you, He knows you by name. Being a Christian does not mean we never go through bad times but without doubt we know there will be happiness at the other end. Trust Him!
Right now if you have doubts, find a private place to pray. Even if you have never prayed do so. Call out to Jesus, ask His help, tell him your troubles and spend time thinking of Him. Then be courageous, call in at one of those churches you often pass, find the Pastor or Priest, ask him to give you spiritual help, it leads to a new life. May the Lord bless you!