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Viewpoint from Matt Gooch for 10th Feb 2012  


Matt Gooch
Director for Unite Youth
Member of Light for Life Baptist Church

Don't just stand something

That is one of those phrases I expect we have all used either to a husband or wife as one of the children decides to eat the remote control after dunking it inMattGoochWeb coffee like a rich tea, or perhaps to a colleague, as a project you have been working on for days slips into the infinity of cyber space.
On Valentines Day, which is fast approaching we don't think about angry comments or panic shouts, we think about love and harmony and sharing together.
However for the remaining 365 (6 this year of course) we do like to blame those closest to us when things go wrong wondering why they didn't step in and save us.
I wonder how many of us are just the same with God, very quick to blame, accuse, ignore or simply shout at. When I get into conversations about my faith with others who don't believe I can guarantee that certain questions will come up, like if God exists how come he allows suffering, why doesn't he step in. Or if God exists how come I can't see him? Others might say “if there was proof that God exists I would believe him”.. It makes me wonder what kind of proof might be needed for them to be convinced.
I am a typical bloke when it comes to trying to find things at home. If I have lDove rightost something, to start with I didn't move it in the first place and for second my wife should automatically know where it is. How is it when I look in the airing cupboard to find something I can take every item out and not find it but when my wife has a look she goes straight to it, folded neatly right at the front with neon arrows pointing to it.
When was the last time you properly sought God and really asked him to speak to you.. All through the bible we see different encounters with God, we hear about conversations between people and God. In fact right in the beginning it is all about just that, a walk in the garden with to people chatting to God. The thing that all these stories have in common was that people were wanting to find and communicate with God. The truth is that when I am turning the airing cupboard upside down I am already grumpy and stressed and have already expected to not find what I am looking for. When I say “don't just stand there” I am really saying “you sort it out for me, I don't want to” If we approach God not expecting to hear then the chances are that we won't hear anything. The phrase “there are none so blind as those who will not see” is a great one when we thing about our communication with God.
One of the better known stories in the bible is Moses and the burning bush. Moses was looking after sheep in the dessert, arguably running away from God. However God decided to step in and spoke through a bush that was on fire but didn't burn. Unsurprisingly this got the attention of Moses and God was heard. Wouldn't that be great if God decided to do that today, if he spoke to us in such a direct way and in a way that couldn't be ignored. Is it possible however that he is? Is it possible that God isn't “just standing there” he is in fact calling you right now, but you just aren't seeing it, could it be that you too have a burning bush just waiting to be seen, perhaps that even has neon arrows as well
Bertie (Guest) 15/02/2012 12:28
Thanks Matt, your Viewpoint has meant so much to me today. Sometimes we are so busy running but fortunately the One who made the bush burn does not 'burn out'.