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Viewpoint from Wendy Bircham for 2nd March 2012

Wendy Bircham
Licensed Minister for St Andrews Gorleston on Sea

Walking the Foothills of Heaven


I’m writing this article in the middle of packing my suitcase for my trip next month to Nepal. I go there to visit the children’s home I run cWENDY WEBalled “Morning Star Children’s Charity. However the contents of my case resemble   more to  Boots Chemist than packed with clothing for a hot climate. For I take with me every necessary, preventative and curable   medication I might need on a trip to one of the world’s most underdeveloped countries.  
You see, much as I love being with the children in Nepal, I get terribly anxious and fearful over health issues. But then, I am a bit of a worrier in many of life’s situations.
Being fearful and anxious about things can be a real problem for many people. Even for Christians it can be a very real problem. Perhaps you’re like me, and know that feeling when anxieties churn away in your stomach, or worries bring on that sinking feeling and panic grips your body.  Fear is the opposite of peace; it can enslave and trap us with a sense of insecurity. Fear can cause lack of confidence; it can even prevent us from fulfilling God’s will for our lives, or using our God given gifts or explore a calling to ministry.  
Thankfully God has provided us with practical help to overcome our anxieties.          2 Corinthians 4:18 tells us to walk by faith. So if you’re a fearful person or a worrier.   Learn to practice trusting God instead of feelings and emotions. Remember God is in control over everything, so let Him reign over all areas of your life.   Read His word and His promises. Bring all things to Him in prayer, and learn to depend on His strength and love.      
On my last trip to Nepal for many reasons I was so overwhelmed with foreboding and fear that I felt very far from God. Arriving back in England my husband and I went the next day to a church service. A lady came over to pray for me. Not knowing who I was, or where I had been, she had a message from God for me. “God told me. “I was there with you, I never left you, you are my child and I love you”.
Am I fearful for my trip to Nepal next month? No. This time I shall walk in confidence the foothills of Nepal as if I am Walking the Foothills of Heaven. For I know that if God is with me whom shall I fear. This time I shall walk the hills of the Himalayas with hind’s feet, and shall soar on eagle’s wings   the mountains of Everest.