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Viewpoint from Rev Jonathan Squirrell 28/10/11

JONATHAN SQUIRRELLRevd Jonathan Squirrell
Pastor, Beacon Community Church, Bacton
Inspiration can be hard to find as the nights draw in, the clocks change and the weather generally takes a turn for the worst. The promise of spring seems too distant to energise us for the present
So what can we do when our ‘get up and go’ has ‘gotten up and gone’? Within a Christian context it is not so much what we do that defines us, but an understanding of who we are in God that gives us motivation to live our lives for Him. Recently at Bacton we were dove leftprivileged to host a weekend with Nick Cuthbert. During that time he encouraged us, and the other seven churches represented, to ensure that all that we do falls under one of the twin headings of evangelism and discipleship. That is, seeing folk come to faith, and then seeing them grow. The motivation that results from experiencing this first hand is enormous. Recent examples of people becoming Christians and then getting baptised is hugely encouragingDove right
Sometimes inspirational people can help. You may watch House and decide to become a medic, or All Creatures Great and Small and want to be a vet. The Olympics can challenge our attitudes to fitness, excellence and team play. And yet the reality is that relatively few make life-changing decisions based on such real-life or fictional characters. As Christians, we have a much greater example in Jesus. Years ago I was encouraged to read the New Testament accounts of His life in order to better understand God’s perspective on ‘life, the universe, and everything.’ What a relief to find that the answer is not 42 (from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy for those of you who do remember). In fact, knowing who Jesus is, knowing that I have a part to play in His purposes both as an individual and as a church leader, knowing that those God calls He also equips, provides a motivational factor greater than any aspiration exhibited on Saturday night TV
What about you? Do you suffer from the winter blues, or feel that life has passed you by and the best is behind you? Many believe such things but God still calls us to trust Him in everything, knowing that He will do what is right in our lives. It is not a passive acceptance that we have no input into our existence, but a tacit acknowledgement that not only is God still in control but that He also wants to motivate us to play our part
From God’s perspective, the best is yet to come