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GYbeeandbee has its charity status confirmed

GYBBSeveral members of Park Baptist Church have formed a Christian based charity organisation called GYbeeandbee and have just had their status confirmed by the Charity Commission. The team comprises John and Cheryl Dixon, Sue Lewis, David Minister, Alistair Robson, Gary and Elizabeth Saunders (most of whom you can in the picture to the right). The original idea developed from their volunteering at the church’s Tuesday Friendship Centre, where they were feeling increasingly helpless to find shelter for vulnerable people with nowhere to live
Their purpose is to help the homeless and vulnerable by offering three days board and food, giving space to get something more permanent. They also will give help to find benefits available to sustain them and direct people to the sources of those benefits. Of course, there are limits and, when someone has been supported and found permanent accommodation, there is a six months moratorium on return
They are not operational yet as they are spending time seeking funding and looking for fundraising ideas. Do you have any? If so, the team would love you to contact them:
phone:  07847 408285