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Viewpoint from Mike Jarvis 10/06/11

Is the church ready? 

 Mike Jarvis
Member of LibertyChurch, Bungay
Is The Church Ready?
dove leftI was speaking with a friend about the fact that the church needs the Power of Christ to build the Kingdom
Having had some exposure to ministries that are moving in the power of the Holy Spirit in different ways, and benefiting from those ministries by receiving Gifts: increased discernment, expansion of Faith, my own ministry, seeing myself as not just a child of God but as scripture puts it “Equipped and qualified to minister” and having the Holy Spirit, The Father and The Son dwelling in me. Luke 10 says we are given all power over above anything that the enemy may posses and that nothing can hurt us! Many do not know this
Challenging stuff, I’m sure you will agree we all need tobecome familiar with our true identity and calling in Christ
So such things as the above are in my remit (yours also) and even becoming common place in my expectations, but, outside of the meetings I attend it’s a foreign language and people  seem to be either very afraid of these things or satisfied with their “religion”
 My friend said, church was not ready for certain ministries and I agree, but I believe Church should be told it is not ready, so something can be done to Get Ready!
Dove rightIsrael was not ready for Jesus; the Pharisees were not ready for their religious structures to be challenged by Christ and rendered obsolete, but that is what Jesus did. I believe God is working for a reformation, equally as large as the last. If you don’t like change you need to be prepared
On a topical point if we are not ready for these things and taking our place amongst those who act for God we are definitely not ready for “Revival”, these things are the very stuff of what we call revival, and the church is Not Ready, the reformation, the equipping comes first
Everywhere Jesus went He healed All that came to Him, doing good and proclaiming the Kingdom
dove left 
So guys if know you aren't ready, get free from religion and activate your destiny in the Holy Spirit, Jesus expects us to do what He did and according to Him “Greater things than these” (John 14:12)
Please remember that Christianity is not a nice middle class British thing, but a Middle Eastern mystical, Spiritual TRUTH! A reality that most have missed or run away from, indeed, most seem to go as far as the coffee morning, passing by the Dreams and Visions not getting near the “New Creation”.(Coffee morning attendees are not being condemned here)
St Paul says “The only thing that counts is a new creation!” Jesus is not coming back for anything of the old. We are His only if we are a New Creature, Born again
Don’t be condemned but be inspired to be spiritual
Jesus is the hope of Glory, Christ within and nothing else will do. As the song says, “People get ready