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Viewpoint from Mike Clarry for 11th March 2011

Michael Clarry
Elder at Great Yarmouth Seventh-Day Adventist Church



God answers prayers because He’s our friend!

Wmontenegro 197 webe serve an awesome God that loves us, listens to us and helps us when we need help. The following story is a true story of how God answered a simple prayer in a truly remarkable way.
For many years now, I’ve suffered with a lower back ailment that flares up from time to time and throws me into agony for a number of days until the swelling around the lower lumber area of the spine subsides. This is due to a herniated disc that bulges out, putting pressure on the sciatic nerve and in turn causes the intense pain and semi paralysis of the legs.
Just the other day I experienced another bout of pain. I was on the lounge floor in absolute agony, I needed to get upstairs, shower and into bed as this is where I’m most comfortable, but the task seemed impossible. I asked my dear wife to clear the way and with screaming pain, I heavily struggled up stairs and made it to our room; but I still needed to shower! At this point, my wife was in tears and beside herself with seeing me in so much pain.Dove right
It was at this point when the power of God was made manifest in our little home on that particular day. I struggled to stand up to get the bathroom and with my wife standing in front of me supporting my weight, she held me tight and placed her hand on my lower back and prayed to The Creator God; The God of love and mercy, a simple prayer to “please ease the pain”! Instantly the vice like grip of muscle spasm on my lower back eased, I stood up straight and we both stood staring at each other for a moment with tears streaming down our cheeks. It was a very emotional moment. God had answered the prayer in a spectacular way. There still was some pain, but the intense agony was gone, I was completely able to move freely and take the shower that I needed. All through the shower and for the rest of the day, the hymn “What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and grief’s to bear; what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer!” was going through my mind.
An appropriate scripture reading would be from Psalms 34:4-7, written by David in regards to the frightening time that he experienced whilst having to face Abimelech.
“I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me, freeing me from all my fears. Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy; no shadow of shame will darken their faces. I cried out to the Lord in my suffering, and he heard me. He set me free from all my fears. For the angel of the Lord guards all who fear him, and he rescues them.”