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Chance to train as a Norfolk Street Pastor

SPPrayerStreet Pastors and Prayer Pastors from 19 to 90 are being offered the chance of a training course in Norwich in February and March to join the important work of Christian charity Norfolk Street Pastors. Administrator Gail Halley reports.

Our youngest current Street Pastor is 19 and our oldest Prayer Pastor is 90. The oldest Street Pastor we know of elsewhere is 84.

Some of our best Street Pastors are those who initially did not think the work was for them as "they" couldn't do it or were not sure if "they" could cope. Well "they" are not supposed to do it either on their own or in their own strength. Street Pastors are part of a team. This team are allowing God to do His work through them. Some are on the streets and some are Prayer Pastors back at base praying and others still are praying for them elsewhere and at other times when they may feel safe but may be even more under attack.

It's not about "Can you do it?" but it's about "Is God calling you to do it?". Several Street Pastors have said they have felt a "nudge" when Street Pastors have been talked about, kept resisting and listening to their doubts but thankfully they eventually gave in and signed up.

So do you think you are getting the "nudge"? Even enough to talk to someone like your minister, church leader, faithful Christian friend who knows you or even a Street Pastor? If you're just curious and want to find out more, then give us a call or even send an email.
If it's not for you then that's no problem. Maybe you might be able to support us in prayer as a Prayer Pastor when Street Pastors are out, praying with frequent updates by phone and answers to prayer, live, as it happens or maybe you would be able to support us in prayer during your prayer times at home or in your fellowship.

Whatever you decide, as long as it's God's will that's cool with us. Just don't doubt that God has a plan for you. Make sure you heed His call, whatever that may be for you.
Norfolk Street Pastors will be holding another training course on Saturdays, 19 & 26 February and 5 & 12 March at Gage Road Chapel, Gage Road, NR7 8BN.

For further details about any of the above, contact Gail Halley on or 01603 617598.

Click here to download a poster about the training

Reproduced from the Network Norfolk website. Used with permission.