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Viewpoint from Keith Morris for 18th February 2011

Keith Morris
Corporate Communications Manager for regional media group Archant
Editor of /
Trustee of Norwich Vineyard Church

Celestial cerebral challenge of Crazy Soap

Deadlines – people either love them or hate them. As someone who earns a crust by meeting them, I love them. They spur me to action. Problem is, if I don’t have a deadline, things get put to one side and drift as other mKEITH MORRISore pressing items pop up.
Which explains why I was still looking for inspiration as the deadline for this article (given to me months and months ago) arrived. I happened to be in the bathroom at the time and cast out a quick prayer for divine help – and the answer - Crazy Soap.
Some sort of celestial cerebral challenge – so here goes.
My son Tom is 18 and the aerosol can of squirty foam Crazy Soap had just been rescued by his mother from his bedroom after the first clean-out for – well it must be around 14 years if the date on the can has anything to do with it. Dad rescued it from the bin, refused to throw it away and insisted on trying to use it.
In truth, it is not much good now, but every time I use it, it reminds me it of the great fun we used to have with it at bath time all those years ago.
Don’t get me wrong, we still have great fun together. Now it is more about helping teach him to drive, relearning my EconomiDove rightcs A level from a long time ago to help with revision, taking him to the pub for his first legitimate pint, being thrashed at squash, holding my own at pool and play fighting on the bedroom floor - when mum is out of earshot.
Times change fast, especially when you have growing children. It doesn’t seem five minutes since Nicky and I first arrived in Norfolk without children (it was actually 22 years ago). In a few months time we will be childless again, with one already at university and the other on the way – hopefully in time to beat the swingeing rise in tuition fees.
I can honestly say that I have enjoyed virtually every moment of being a father – the most important job I will ever have – and I am sure that will continue at arms-length. But times move on and I have loads of things I want to do when Tom does leave.
My faith is what helps me to take moments to stand back, spend a few quiet minutes in prayer or walking across the fields remembering special moments, giving thanks and embracing new times, ideas, projects and experiences yet to come.
Crazy Soap helps me to remember and, when my wife is not looking, I think I might just file it at the back of the cupboard for a few more years to come.
Keith Morris is publisher of the Christian community website