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Viewpoint from Mike Holder for 14th January 2011

Mike Holder
Cross Bearer and Server for St Mary’s, Hemsby
Whilst I was preparing this Vnew viewpoint logo webiewpoint, I looked out of the window and began wondering what the new year would bring and how I should plan for it. I don’t like to plan too far in advance but for some things you need too. The Bible says that we should look to the day at hand as that is all we have energy to cope with.
I then took a brief look at 2010 and pondered on what I enjoyed most. My wife and I had a very nice holiday together abroad. We also enjoyed many day trips with friends at St Mary’s Church in Hemsby in particular to the Shrine of Walsingham. Then there was the visit to Kings CollDove rightege Chapel in Cambridge which reminded me of when I lived in Hertfordshire. All these events have special memories for me and I enjoy looking remembering from time to time which is something that we all do is.
None of us are perfect, no matter how hard we try. It is good to be prepared and positive about things that lure in the future but as a Christian we have someone there to take control of the past and the future. I enjoy my duties as a cross bearer and server at my church it gives me great satisfaction to do something useful for the church.
For the new year and everyone’s future, and my own, for this year I would like to leave you with the words of this personal prayer:-
To be faithful to Jesus as to each other
To unite our hearts and minds with love
To listen and wait upon God
To express sorrow and contrition for our sins and failing
To give thanks to God for the gifts and blessings of life.
To be able to justice love and kindness
Lastly even though Christmas has passed, let us try to keep goodwill to others during the whole of 2011. Try also to remember this thought for the year ahead ,,, nothing is worth more than this day!
Wishing you a peacefull New Year!