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Viewpoint from Colin King 03/12/10

Colin King , Elder, Green Pastures Christian fellowship
Dove rightHow do you feel when you are constantly being bombarded by bad news? It seems no sooner one case is being reported than there are others coming up. Do you feel like saying “Help!! stop the world I want to get off”? Now to top it all we are told that we are destroying the planet, with global warming. Let me put the record straight, man will not destroy this planet. GOD IS GOING TO
The Bible tells us of God’s plans, in the book of Revelation chapter 21 and 2Peter 3:7. You might say “ I do not believe that”.  Well the Bible is full of God telling man what he was going to do. We call this prophecy.  For example: there are over 300 prophecies telling about the coming of Jesus Christ.  Now you can check that up and you will find that they have come true
The chance of that happening is incalculable, like trying to find a needle in the universe. Some of the prophecies about the future, of which there are many, have already been fulfilled, e.g., Jesus and Daniel foretold that Jerusalem would be destroyed, Daniel even wrote down who would do it. It happened in AD 70 when the Romans totally destroyed it
dove left 
In St Matthew chapters 24/25 Jesus tells what is going to happen as the end draws close. He spoke of wars, worldwide diseases, epidemics, earthquakes, famines, breakdown in law and order, and that there will be an increase in intensity of these as we get nearer to the end
Many facts are available to show this is indeed happening NOW!!! One illustration:
earthquakes since 1967
1970 - 1979 there were 57 killer quakes, in 1980 -1989 there were 86, 1990 – 1999 there were 152, 2000 – 2005 there were 960. 2006 there were 153, 2007 there were 188, 2008 there were 255
But the major prophetic events are the prophecies about Israel, for God had told them that they would be dispersed throughout the world because of their sin as a nation and that he would cause the Jewish nation to be established again in their land, (yes it does belong to the Jews)
What an incredible event many of us have witnessed, in 1948 a pure ethnic race of people returning to be a nation again after 2000 years, and God says that this time no one will be able to move them from the land he gave them
As a Christian, believing God’s word this gives me a wonderful hope and assurance for the future for I know I am in his care and keeping. How about you?