Action Zones 

New Street Pastor Training


SP-Doormen1-SizedOver 4 Saturdays in late September and early October, Norfolk Street Pastors are holding training days for new Street Pastors. A Street Pastor is a church member with a concern for society, particularly the binge drinking culture amongst young people, by engaging with people wherever they are in terms of thinking and location. Street Pastors do not preach the Gospel, but aim to be the Gospel through their actions and stand ready to always give an answer in gentleness and respect to all who ask of the reason for the hope within them (1 Peter 3:15) 
We also have a team of Prayer Pastors who remain at base whilst the Street Pastors patrol the streets. The Prayer Pastors are in regular contact with the Street Pastors and will provide intercessory prayer into every situation as well as cover the Street Pastors in prayer 
If you feel called to be a Street or Prayer Pastor in Great Yarmouth and would like to know more and/or explore this then contact Steve Jones on 07894 864634 / for more information