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Viewpoint from Pastor Michael Walker for 27/8/10


Pastor Michael Walker,

Minister of the Yarmouth Seventh-day Adventist Church


Putting Things in Their Right Perspective

Recent events at the UN war crimes trial at the Hague of Liberia’s former president Charles Taylor, took a dramatic turn when Caviewpoints cross logo jpegrol White, former agent of super-model Naomi Campbell, gave testimony that contradicted Campbell’s claim that she did not know that Taylor had given her diamonds.    The prosecution claims that these were “blood diamonds” to help finance the rebel’s in Sierre Leone’s civil war. 
The object of a trial is to seek out the truth, which is no easy task. False witness under oath is a crime called perjury. Crime can also come in the form of slander (a false or maliciousPRESIDENTS VISIT 003 report) or similarly in written form as libel. 
There is a superior court that convenes where we shall all be called to account. Jesus warns us: “I tell you, on the day of judgment you will have to give an account for every careless word you utter; for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned” – Matt.12:36,37.
It is easy to become involved in receiving or spreading malicious gossip. It is certainly wrong for anyone to engage in; but for those who profess to be Christians it is seriously worse in that it misrepresents the cause of Christ and is a violation of His Commandments. Therefore Christians should seek to set the right example.
Pastor Walker welcoming the President Sam Davies during a recent visit
The tongue is a valuable member, it can be articulated to produce encouraging words; but it can also be used to the detriment of others and ultimatdove leftely our own undoing! The New Testament warns us: “How great a forest is set ablaze by a small fire! And the tongue is a fire” – Jas 3:5,6 (NRSV). During the Second World War, a poster highlighted how careful we need to be with our words: it simply stated, “Loose lips sink ships”. We need to consider the damage we cause by what we say about others.
Tittle-tattle is often embellished because this makes it more attractive to the sinful mind. Somehow people thrive on bad reports about others! Unfortunately these embellishments are nothing near the truth! I have found that gossipers have two things in common: they are up to no good and they are cowards. Rarely are they prepared to confront the person they are out to harm and usually they tell the listener not to tell the person they are complaining about. Jesus gave sound advice that if you have anything against someone, then go and speak directly to him. Yet these so-called paragons of virtue, while posing as innocent beings, are performing something that is none other than Satan’s work to ruin another person’s reputation. Yet gossip somehow has a way of finding its way to the victim. We have all no doubt been hurt by false or exaggerated reports that have been circulated about us. We need to think very carefully of the consequences when we are tempted to state or imply something bad about someone else. If we have been guilty of this misdemeanor, let us remember we have a wonderful Saviour and seek His forgiveness; and where possible, that of those we have wronged.