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Support our work to Believe in People


‘Support our work to Believe in People’ says The Salvation Army as it starts the Annual Appeal campaign

Volunteers from The Salvation Army in Great Yarmouth will be out in force during the month of September to raise vital funds for the organisation’s social and community work
From 11th Septemberto 26th September authorised collectors for The Salvation Army will be knocking on doors for the church and charity’s Annual Appeal campaign, where 92p out of every £1 donated goes directly to help people in need
Lieutenants Rob and Georgina Symons; Commanding Officers of The Salvation Army in Great Yarmouth say: ‘Our theme for the Annual Appeal this year says something very important – Believe in People. The Salvation Army has always sought to help the whole person and believes every person to be of value. We offer Christian love and practical support without discrimination to the most vulnerable in our community such as people without a home, families trapped in poverty, lonely older people and those suffering domestic abuse’
The Salvation Army is one of the largest providers of social welfare provision after the Government and is seeking cash donations from the public to support services that include 3,500 beds each night for homeless men, women and families and 17 older people’s homes
A fleet of Salvation Army mobile response vehicles is used to support the emergency services at major incidents. A Family Tracing Service, which has been in operation for 125 years, helps to reunite around 200 families each month
All Salvation Army collectors will be carrying permits, which they will produce on request, and will only ask for cash donations. Donations can also be made to the Annual Appeal by visiting The Salvation Army website at
Lieutenants Rob and Georgina Symons say; ‘By donating to the Annual Appeal you will support our work to believe in the people who live in our Lifehouses, the new name for our residential centres, where we help homeless men, women and families and those with addictions
We believe in those for whom we care in our older people’s care homes and at our community centres. We believe in the many thousands of families, children, young people and adults we support through our social community programmes
‘Please watch out for our authorised collectors with their donation envelopes/sealed Salvation Army collecting tinswho will only be asking for cash donations. If you can just spare an hour to deliver and collect in envelopes, we’d also love to hear from you’