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Do you have a spare room in your home?


Supported Lodgings Scheme


Do you live in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth or the surrounding villages?


Have you got a spare room in your house?
Could you offer a temporary home to a young person and help them to gain the skills to take on their own tenancy and live an independent life?
We are looking for households (owner occupied, council tenancy or privately rented) who are sympathetic to the aims and purposes of YMCA Norfolk
In return you will receive a weekly payment of approx. £80.00 tax free (under the government rent a room scheme), training and regular support from the YMCA Norfolk team
If you would like to find out more please contact:
Mary Ives
YMCA Norfolk Regional Manager
Tel: 01493 854162
Tel: 079894 935775


YMCA Norfolk has been running a supported lodgings scheme in the Great Yarmouth area for young people from the ages of 16 to 18 since 2002. Many young people become estranged from their parents for a variety of reasons and are unable to live at home. This is an increasing problem and currently (May 2010) we are housing 30 young people, which could well escalate in the coming months

The scheme involves people who have a spare room in their houses offering this via YMCA Norfolk to a young person. For this they receive approximately £80 per week and training, help and support from the local workers. The lodging providers do not have to provide meals as the scheme is set to encourage young people to learn to cook, budget and develop independent living skills. They meet each week with an allocated support worker who helps them in whatever way they can to help them succeed in working through the programme. At the end of the programme they have the opportunity of obtaining their own tenancy
The scheme works well, but there is always a need for new, enthusiastic lodging providers who are keen to help and support a young person who has found themselves in this unfortunate position
YMCA Norfolk has just moved to a new base in Great Yarmouth from which they manage their work. We are based at 64 North Quay NR30 1JB – tel:- 01493 854162
If you would like more information about becoming a supported lodgings provider or if you would like me to come to speak about our work at one of your groups, please get in touch with me
We would really appreciate your prayers for our work as we touch the lives of very vulnerable and needy young people
Mary Ives
Regional Manager YMCA Norfolk 07894 935775