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Viewpoint from Paul Juby 5/03/10

Paul Juby - Founder of Norfolk Stedfast. Hon National President. Hon Vice-President Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia. Author of ‘Laugh With The Lord’ and ‘The Road To Jesus Is Never Closed’, and evangelical Methodist lay preacher


So far there is no way for two persons to drive a car at the same time. However, it is fairly common for some passengers to try and taviewpoints cross logo jpegke charge, "Mind that bike", "Watch that pedestrian", "Don't forget to indicate" and much much more! Only this year my wife and I were in Brisbane. Our friend, a Boys' Brigade Man who runs a successful DrivingSchool was so taken up with what he was telling me that he drove right through a red light! "Lex" I said, "Did you know you just drove through a red light?” "No" he replied, "Why didn’t you tell me?” I replied, "I just did!” Now, if I had been a back seat driver, I would have probably warned him in plenty of time of the red light ahead. Back seat drivers are usually unpopular but occasionally can be useful!
On a spiritual plane we have something similar. We love to drive through our life in total Dove rightcommand. Many of us do not want to be corrected in any way. We know what we want; we know the way we want to go and woe betide anyone interfering!
The fact is that we have an Advisor in the background. Most people, sadly, ignore Him. We know about bad things and good things and too often drive over them without a thought. It would be good for everyone to pull up and park in a lay-by for a few minutes. Then think. Go back to basics. Give a thought on Creation, then about God, then about Jesus. Did Jesus really exist? If He does, then what are we doing? If Jesus exists, then what should we do?  Those thoughts and a lot more.
Ever heard of "being born again”? It is when you decide to give your life to Jesus. It is when you realise that Jesus died on the Cross because he loved each one of us. Our lives become like "a brand new person". We feel on cloud nine, we find new friends; we find each day is an adventure, our outlook has been joyously changed and we even want to tell others about what has happened!
Driving through life without taking sensible breaks is like driving on a motorway on a Bank Holiday, we dive into gridlock, into stress upon stress.
Some people have strange opinions about Christians!  That they are judgmental, kill joys and without fun. How wrong they are! There is a bumper sticker which tells the opposite, "God made round faces, men made them long". The bumper sticker I use says, "The Road To Jesus Is Never Closed" and that sums up what has been said in this Viewpoint