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Viewpoint from Father Gordon Williams 26/02/10

Father Gordon Williams. 
Parish Priest St. Mary’s Catholic Church.


Life is a wonderful gift, a great mystery, but it’s easy to take it for granted.  We assume that we will wake up in the morning, and probably think we will live to be old.  However, none of these assumptions can be relied upon.  Our lives are full of uncertainties, andviewpoints cross logo jpeg the only think we can be sure of is that nothing stays the same, everything changes.  We often Dove rightspend a lot of time and energy trying to shield ourselves from change.  When we come to terms with the ebb and flow of life we can live with a greater sense of peace and happiness.  Many live lives of pressure and anxiety, this can drain life of a sense of purpose.  Others feel that life is unfulfilling.  Some hope to win the lottery.  Yes, this would bring some material benefit, but it would not answer the deeper longings of the heart.  We all feel at times that our life is slipping through our fingers like sand
Our society encourages us to acquire wealth and possessions in the mistaken belief that these are the things that will make us happy.  Of course we need somewhere to live, food and clothes and other basic necessities, but if you don’t have peace of mind then no amount of money or possessions will make you happy.  Otherwise all rich people would be happy and we know that’s far from true!
Modern life today is becoming increasingly secular, by that I mean it has turned away from the religion of our ancestors.  Many people today do not go to Church and yet there remains a hunger, often hidden and unspoken to find a meaning to our lives.  Divorced from religion our lives are meaningless.  Sometimes it’s necessary to return to the source of searching.  Begin again with an appreciation of your life, your loved ones and your friends.  Look more attentively at the beauty of the world around you.  Most of us have a lot to be grateful for.  This spiritual life begins when we wake up! So many people live their lives half asleep, even though they don’t know they are half asleep!  There is always a danger that you can live your life and never really appreciate the beauty, the loveliness of this thing we call human existence.  So I suggest that we slow down, sit down quietly, let your senses come alive and appreciate the mystery of your wonderful life