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Viewpoint from Wendy Bircham for 29th Jan 10

Wendy Bircham 
Licensed Lay Minister at St Andrew’s Church Gorleston 

Signs of our Saviour in the World Today.



ViewpointColour250During December and January our Churches have been fully integrated and immersed in the celebrations of Jesus birth.   We began in anticipation of Advent. Signs to remind us of Gods promised saviour his Son, Jesus coming to live amongst us. Advent also holds a more sober note, it tells us to look beyond Christmas and be prepared for the signs of Jesus return, His second coming, and signs of the last days.  Advent leads into Christmas, retold, sung and acted in Nativity scenes up and down the country.  Signs for all the world to see of Christ’s incarnation, God with us in Jesus. But dare I wonder how many in our world today missed seeing these signs and missed the opportunity to hear and receive the gospel message of God’s salvation,   God’s Son coming at Christmas …
The cycle moves into January and Epiphany themes. The visit of the Magi who followed the sign the glorious star which guided them to the baby Jesus. On February the 2nd is Candlemas, one last look at Christmas before we turn to the Cross and Lent.    
So what signs provoke in you awe and wonder that God, Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit is with us today.
For me, last week I got a sign while reading a Christian book which gave me spiritual goose bumps.  For I came across a feature of Jesus unique character that    I’d previously missed the full incredible significance of. That Jesus was completely absence of any personal sin. That while He teaches his diDove rightsciples to pray   ‘Forgive us our trespasses….’, He himself is never found to be joining them in the plea. Nor do we find in the Gospels Jesus confessing, regretting, repenting or lamenting any moral or spiritual inadequacy.  Yes, Jesus grappled with temptation, He learned obedience, He wrestled with the horror of Calvary and knew its full implications. 
However, the amazing truth of Jesus divine uniqueness is that He lived a sinless life. He "committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth" (1 Peter 2:22). Yet while Jesus had no sin, He took upon himself our sins for us. Jesus died on the cross, for our sins, for all the brokenness of the world, so that we might be saved, so that we can be put right with God. But the story doesn’t end in Jesus death. The Christian   faith is that we believe in Jesus resurrection which gives hope, joy and peace to all who follow Him, today and for the future.  
Well, maybe today you will discover or rediscover an incredible sign of God’s love for you, just look around, open your eyes because  its everywhere.