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Viewpoint from Paul Juby 27/11/09



Paul Juby - Founder of Norfolk Stedfast. Hon National President. Hon Vice-President Boys'Brigade in Malaysia. Authour of ‘Laugh With The Lord’ and ‘The Road To Jesus Is Never Closed’, and evangelical Methodist lay preacher
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During the last war every signpost was taken down and the names of railways stations painted over to stop any enemy invaders of finding their way to any specific place. Everyone had taken for granted these signs and without them it caused problems. In those days there was far less traffic, if this had to be done now it would cause chaotic gridlocks!
Apart from our familiar road signs we now have shooting up all kinds of signs telling us to buy things, telling us to vote for someone and many other notices. Sometimes they are badly written, one said "Buy two and get one”!. There is a Church with a large notice, "Meet me at my house on Sunday". Another Church emblazoned the words "Glow, Grow and Go". Not enough Churches are showing such up to date signs.
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So many people walk past Churches without a thought of going into one of them. Recently I saw a photo of a village chapel taken in the 1920s of the congregation standing outside. Probably more than a hundred. That same chapel now has about 20 attending. What the passers-by do not realise is that they are passing by their Creator, God. One of the greatest moves any one of those people could make would be to enter one of those Churches and find out how their life could be changed beyond recognition! But which Church should you enter? It might take 2-3 visits to different Churches to find one with a warm welcome, a good message and active events. You might have to decide which one suits you best. Another good way is to ask a Christian friend who would no doubt take you to their Church. Remember, just li8ke people, no Church is perfect!
Going back to interesting signs, one on the back of a car said just two words: "Jesus Inside". Now the owner of that car must have been a real Christian - willing to show others that he was doing his best to be like Jesus. It would not be good for the owner not to represent Jesus in the very best way. That driver showed enthusiasm and every Christian needs to show this in their daily lives. For any who do not attend a Church it is my sincere prayer that they will make a move to do so. Go and meet Jesus in His House today.