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Viewpoint from Mike Holder 13/11/09


Mike Holder
Cross Bearer and Chalice Server
St Mary’s Church
 dove left
With summer past do we think to look back and reflect on what direction our summer holidays have taken us? Even by staying at home, one can’t really plan what direction to take or hope for. Did you know that on 31st May the last survivor from the Titanic passed away aged 97yrs? Her name was Milvina Dean; she lived in the New Forest in Hampshire. At two months old she was the youngest passenger on board the doomed liner which sank in 1912. At the time of her death she was 3 years short of celebrating her 100th birthday and would probably have received that important telegram from the Queen
Going back to direction, I wonder what direction in life she would have taken had the Titanic not sank?  Would she have settled in America?   No one knows the answer to that it will remain a mystery.   I also wonder what her thoughts were over her 97 years, particularly after going through such an experience in her young life. It was sad she did not reach 100 yrs; however, I do believe she was blessed. I am sure that she must have experienced some happy times during her long lifetime no doubt feeling fortunate that she was saved
Dove right 
We can all feel fortunate when we consider what direction we have taken or are going to take. So wherever you are directed and whatever place you visit be grateful and enjoy your experiences. In our church we see many new faces during the summer, people who spend their holidays here and have pointed in our direction. Whatever direction we take in life if we trust our Lord we will be guided by him
A child’s point of view – Grandmother had an operation on her eye and it was bandaged. Her five year old granddaughter asked her why she had been to the hospital
Gran replied, “It is to let me see where I am going”. The child said, “Why don’t you cover the other eye and I can give you directions”
My thought for this – speed is not always an advantage, the cheetahs in the ark arrived the same day as the snails
Peace be with us all