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Viewpoint from June Baker for 28/8/09

June Baker
Church warden for Caister Holy Trinity Church
Lay Chairman of Yarmouth Deanery Synod


The Good Samaritans

There are many stories in the Bible that leave a lasting memory. The story of the Good Samaritan gviewpoints cross logo jpegave us a phrase that is often used today when someone has helped another in some way. They have been a helping hand or a “Good Samaritan”.
When we look around us there are many examples of helping hands people of all ages and backgrounds who are Good Samaritans.
People going to some event by car take a friend or neighbour with them so that they can have some time amongst other people. Many neighbours help out by feeding various pets – dogs, cats, tortoises, rabbits etc whilst their owners are away.  There are other ways of helping people, like for instance, watering the plants when people go on holiday or putting the wheelie bins out on collection day.
Gardening is often a problem as one gets older but there are people who love gardening and will help a neighbour. Other gardening jobs include keeping the areas around churches or village halls in ship-shape order.
Sometimes it is young parent on the receiving end of a favour, when a neighbour or friend will look after children for a while.
I am a person who will start a conversation with anyone looking lonely iDove rightn the supermarket. The conversation may be about the best buy or a product that cannot be found or reached off a high shelf.
There are people who are in wheelchairs and a helping hand is often welcome when going through doors or getting off a pavement. I spent three weeks in a wheelchair sometime ago and I found some people willing to help, but there were others who ignored the wheelchair and stopped to talk with their trolleys blocking the gangway.
There are many people who spend a lot of time raising money for various causes. This takes several forms – like putting envelopes through doors and collecting letters; or having a coffee morning/tea party to raise money for their favourite cause.
There are many clubs and organisations that need people to keep the organisation going – chairman, secretary, treasurer or committee member. These jobs are not always easy to do, but can keep the club going and so give people some enjoyment.
As you read this, think of the ways you are already a helping hand either in ways I have mentioned or others I have not included. 
Maybe this viewpoint will set you thinking of how you could help someone in the future.