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Viewpoint from Norman Pierpoint 19/06/09





Norman Pierpoint

Chaplaincy Co-ordinator, Great Yarmouth College

 Dove right





As Wimbledon fortnight approaches I find it hard not to avoid watching some of the matches on TV even though I take no real interest in tennis the rest of the year. The spectacle, the event, competition and personalities draw me in and I find myself admiring the skills and cheering a player on


As you read the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the Bible you cannot fail to be drawn into the story of Christ’s life with its drama, pain, love and salvation. He ministered to people with real needs who had their lives turned upside down by His power. Nothing is too hard for the Lord. No situation is too difficult for Him to deal with and no one is ever turned away. Has there ever been a person like Him? We don’t even have to guess at what He did or said – we have it recorded for us by faithful eye- witnesses in the gospels. The story of His amazing life, filled with miracles and love has touched people across the world from every nation, culture and background. It is a timeless story of sacrificial love that has its climax when Jesus is nailed to a cross and rises from the dead after three days


His claims are massive and true.  They will change those who dare to test them. Maybe that is one of the reasons why so many avoid the challenge of Christ because they really know that he can and will change them when they submit to His claims


The Wimbledon fortnight gives me the opportunity to take an interest in tennis but really I am just an armchair spectator on a very part-time basis. It’s like so many who get drawn into the life of Christ at certain times of the year but only as a spectator just enjoying the event and traditions


dove leftAt the end of Wimbledon fortnight you can see the local parks filled with budding tennis champion’s taking up the game for the first time. Their inspiration has come from watching those at the top of the sport perform at the highest level. When we look at Jesus Christ’s life we see Him in action at the highest level  that man could possibly be.  A perfect life lived in perfect obedience to His Father.  Jesus invites us not to just be a spectator on the sidelines but to be an active disciple. To admire Jesus from a distance and not experience His love, His forgiveness or His salvation is to miss out on the greatest gift of all – a personal relationship with the living God through His Son


There were many bystanders who were curious as Jesus passed their way but it was those who put their trust in Him who new the real power of Christ in their lives and it’s is the same today.  So as you and I enjoy the tennis stars battling it out at Wimbledon – turn your hearts and minds also to the one who gained the famous victory over sin, death and Satan



Jesus invites us to turn away from just being a spectator and turn to Him where all the action is.  Wimbledon fortnight will produce its champions but the Jesus in the Gospels is the only one who has the power to transform our lives for ever



Enjoy the tennis!