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Viewpoint from Andy Moss 12/06/09


Andy Moss
Leader of Kings Church
rain cloudCould this be the small cloud of revival on the horizon?
With so much of the news being dominated by the demise of the political structures it is hard to know where it will all end or is this just the beginning of seeing God’s hand at work?
I believe our prayers for revival are being answered but we need to continue to pray as this is a crucial time of change in our nation.
Is this the small cloud on the horizon?
Is it possible that the recent events within the banking system, the lives of well known celebrities and the political leadership of our land are being exposed in this very public manner because God is responding to the revival prayers of His church?
These recent episodes further highlight the ever growing view that the country is in melt down, economically, morally and politically. These are the signs of man’s wisdom coming to an end.
God is waiting for a leader to turn to Him so he can help
Recent events demonstrate that man’s wisdom often leads to selfishness, injustice and division and this is very damaging to our country when executed in the manner we have seen of late. We must pray that God will turn the hearts of men and women to Him and raise up a new era of godly leadership within our country.
The Church has a part to play
The church must look to feed these new political leaders with God’s truth and to encourage them in their faith in Christ. This means that the church will need to live by God’s Word and be empowered by the Spirit. For this to happen we need revival in our churches as we all fall short in one way or another.
The Gospel has incredible power to transform a nation
Man is not doing so well without God as we have seen. Man’s rebellion against God comes from the pride within his heart to rule his way and not God’s way. The Bible reveals that God became man in order to deal with this barrier of pride. If men and women turn to Jesus Christ they will find that God will begin to give wisdom from above and there will be power for His good purposes to prevail in our nation.
But, it all starts with good leadership. Godly leadership will lead to a godly nation.
dove leftIs this the hand of God at work? Are you convinced enough to pray?
It would seem that God has used the Daily Telegraph to begin the process of what must have been considered an impossible task of reform. As with the Berlin wall and apartheid the giants that oppose God’s rule continue to fall. It would seem that this is a window of opportunity for real political reform and a time for God’s people to pray and act until we see real change taking place.
Prayer works!
When some elderly ladies prayed a Scottish revival took place and the hearts of young lives turned to God in the most incredible way.
Great Yarmouth’s forgotten revival in 1921 took place as a result of faith filled men and women praying.
Be encouraged, your prayers are being answered and the small cloud of revival is getting bigger