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Viewpoint from Isabel Minister 29/05/09


Isabel Minister
Street Pastor
Dove rightSo it’s Friday, alleluia!! If you were invited out for a ‘good night’ tonight, what would it involve? Would it be theatre, a meal out, bingo, cinema……..? The list is endless. To many it involves a skinful of alcohol, wearing very little clothing or fancy dress, and gong into the city with friends. At a time when most of us are in bed, our streets reap the consequences…………..
As the clubs empty out in the small hours, there are inevitably scenes of vomiting and staggering, many ladies carrying their stilettos, no longer mastering the balancing act. There are men fuelled with lager hitting out at each other, shouting, urinating openly and vandalising property. There are individuals, men and women, weeping, incoherent, separated from their friends, unable to give their names, addresses or information on how they are getting home. Others are upset, reluctant to go home and face their parents or partners in the condition they find themselves in. These are not just young people but span the generations
Street Pastors go out every Friday and Saturday evening in Norwich to meet the needs of the above along with those of the homeless and street people. They go out in teams of four and guided by prayer and prepared with training, they pack a couple of backpacks – chocolate, flip flops, tea, coffee, sugar, water, soup, hankies, smile and a listening ear. They then spend six hours or so helping those who need it
team of seven local guys ready for Street Pastors to come to Great Yarmouth
The aim of the Street Pastors is to make a positive difference to the lives of people, to engage with people on the street, to care, to listen and dialogue. A Street Pastor is concerned for society, is wiling to work with the excluded and marginalised, and can engage with people where they are, both physically and in their thinking. (more information on
 untitledWorking in partnership with the police, SOS bus, club bouncers and other agencies, the Church shows that it is there for people in a practical way, to listen, care and help. In most areas where there are Pastors, crime rates have been reduced and the Pastors are warmly greeted by regulars on the street, young, old, homeless and in uniform alike
Yarmouth seafront and club land would benefit from such a Street Pastor presence, as would the town generally. We need local church leaders to back the scheme, volunteers to give up one night a month and undergo training to go out on the street and volunteers to pray for them at the time the Street Pastors are out. If you feel called to do this work in any way, please ring Val Dodsworth on 01603 472753
This initiative needs people like YOU!!!!! After all, as St Francis of Assisi said, ‘God has no hands but ours’


Mike Beales Freethorpe. (Guest) 02/06/2009 16:59
You guys are doing a GREAT work for the "King of Kings" unfortunatly my wife and I cant go. BUT we can and are uplifting you guys in prayer. SO go out knowing you are covered by prayer and That makes abig difference! Prayer really does work.