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Viewpoint from Sam and Betty Digman 17/4/09

Sam Digman and Betty Digman
Members of Gorleston Baptist Church
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Not able to watch
The dead still sight.
I saw the tears of my face
On the tuskless body.
I stared at the smudges of red
Where the vultures
Had eaten.
I saw the dreadful sight
the slumped
I felt the deep sorrows of the lifeless creature.
These are my 8 year old grandson’s thoughts of a slaughtered elephant.
On reading this it made me identify with the death of our Saviour Juntitledesus Christ.
Surely we want to hide when we think He died for us and of the the blood He shed for us.
Doesn't the thought of the dreadful sight of our Lord's slumped sad  body on the cross, make you feel the deep sorrows He felt?
Surely this demands a response.  What will you do?  Will you turn back to Him and accept that Jesus died in your place, taking the punishment you deserved for the wrongs you have done, and make Him your Saviour, and Lord of everything you do. 
This is the free gift of eternal life.
Surely this makes you shed a tear, knowing He gave up everything for you.