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Mick Holder
Cross Bearer and Chalice Server
St Mary’s Church
By the time you read this article Christmas will be all over for another year. Perhaps you had a good time, enjoyed giving and receiving and realising that God is great in all ways and with us in our deeds and thoughts.
In my last article I wrote about the strength of faith. Particularly during times of need. At this time of year |I do like to make a point of saying that goodwill to all should not just be for Christmas, but must also be for the whole year.
I don’t make “New Year Resolutions”. I don’t want to commit myself to something I know deep down that I can’t keep. I often think that Christmas can be a time for preparing ourselves for the year ahead which will undoubtedly contain good and bad times.
So with 2008 upon us, let us remember words of our Creed. “We try to do the things we ought to do and we try to undo the things we ought not to have done.” That is always my resolution in daily life which can be shared with those less fortunate than ourselves. Those words help me to know that goodwill to all is not just for Christmas. With all the ups and downs in life and particularly today the amount of poverty, let us remember there is always time for peace and strength in faith, whatever besets us.
A happy and peaceful New Year to us all!