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Viewpoint from Roger Hill 12/12/08

Roger Hill
Member of the Yarmouth Seventh-day Adventist Church


It would be presumptuous of me to suggest I know the answer to this difficult question, but I would like to share a few thoughts with you. Many will throw this question at Christians believing it to be a lethal strike at their concept of a loving caring God. Not so! It merely strengthens my faith. Trials and tribulations make you bitter or better, they are God’s workmen. Not to destroy you but to destroy sin and develop character
 Let’s lay the blame for sin where it belongs at the feet of Satan.    God gave every being he created freedom of choice. He is not into robots or automatons. He loves His created beings and wants us to return that love voluntarily. Through sinful pride Satan aspired to usurp God’s position and authority. (Isaiah 14 v 12-14)  By seducing other angels he instigated civil war in heaven, resulting in his defeat and expulsion.  They were removed to this earth. (Rev 12v7-9) where Satan continued his evil influence by corrupting Adam and Eve! The rest is history, death, disease, and destruction. The good and the bad suffering alike!  
When Satan rebelled why didn’t God zap him there and then? After all God knew the future and what sin would do to the human race. The Godhead knew how Satan would turn out. They could have created another angel in his place who they knew would be loyal and faithful. Think of all the suffering that would have prevented. Jesus would not have needed to die and suffer on our behalf.  What an easy solution to the problem. So why didn’t they go down that road? Because God is not devious and has total integrity! If God had executed Satan, loyal beings may have considered God to be a tyrant.  It seems to me our Lord God had three options:
1) not to create Satan
2) to execute Satan after he had rebelled in heaven
3) to let sin take its course, but send a member of the Godhead to die in our place
Dove rightHe chose the difficult option, the one that cost Him the most.
Jesus said “Take up your cross and follow me” He knew Satan would give us a hard time. Salvation may be a free gift but it was bought at great cost to God. By indulging in sin, humans have put God in an intolerable position. The title, which is a question, can be partly answered by another question. Because of sin who has suffered the most?    Jesus chose to suffer and die so that we all could have the chance of salvation and eternal life. Longsuffering is a word the Bible uses to describe the character of God - how apt. Does God care about the Human Race? Mathew 10 v 29 – 31. God is upset when He sees a sparrow die, one of the least of His creatures, how must He feel when a human dies? Worse, how must He feel when a human dies and He knows that person has rejected the atoning sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ and will not enjoy eternal life. We suffer the loss of friends and relatives over our limited lifespan, but God has suffered the death of billions of His created beings over centuries. We cannot compare our suffering in any way with His. God IS love