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Viewpoint from Andy Moss 07/11/08


The Power Of The One (face painting or praying for the sick)
Andy Moss
Kings Church
I have recently returned from a short mission trip to Mozambique. As a church we are looking to develop our overseas mission activities so I decided that it was important to gain some personal experience. I had the privilege of joining a team that was organised by the Christian organisation Blessed To Be A Blessing (BTBAB). The team’s main aim was to support the work of Iris Ministries (Roland & Heidi Baker) in the capital city of Maputo. Since early childhood I had a desire to do this. Even though it has taken me 46 years to do this, I am so thankful that I have and I only wish that I had done it years ago
untitledI have learned so much. I am so grateful to my wife Helen who tucked a journal into my rucksack and asked me to journal the time spent in Mozambique. It is because of this journal that I am able to share some of my experience and thoughts with you. I am no expert on missions work so these are not intended to be prescriptive in any way for those who read them. I can however say that the greatest thing I’ve learnt even with the poverty that they face in Africa is that Jesus remains their greatest need. The ‘silver and gold’ lifestyle that we have is already having an adverse effect on their faith in Jesus.
This was very apparent when the mission base Leader spoke at the Thursday night meeting about some of the children stealing from others and he reminded them that Mama Heidi had first come to give them Jesus but as they got more and more materially they were forgetting this and this was beginning to corrupt their lives
The Power Of The One
Friday 3rd Oct: After nearly a day’s travel we arrive in Maputo. South African guy at the Centre has malaria and boy does he look rough
American lady welcomes us and during her talk she makes reference to how Heidi Baker’s ministry is always to the one that God places in front of her. This hits my spirit. Umm!
Saturday 4th Oct: Visit the baby house with the orphaned babies and toddlers. They clamber all over you and just love the attention they get. So good to be with them. Later I played basketball with some of the older boys. Most are orphans, they appear emotionally stable but like the younger ones they desire your love and attention
Monday 7th: Find myself focusing on the power of the one as I lead the devotional time. It had struck me that Jesus and the apostles ministered in this way
In John 4 (Samaritan woman at the well) we see Jesus giving full attention to the one. She was a woman that others would have distanced themselves from. The power of this is seen in verse 39 as many from the village came and believed in Jesus. Acts 3, Peter heals a crippled beggar. Again we see the power of ministry to the one in front of you. Although natural circumstances are seemingly impossible we see the power of the ministry to the one as Peter has compassion and brings hope and healing in the name of Jesus
Thursday 10th: As we face painted the children I became aware that they were engaging with us at a deeper level. They enjoyed the close attention and touch of this experience. It struck me, this is part of the redemptive and restoration work of Christ, He is touching their hearts at a much deeper level than the paint on their faces. Wow! How sad that the power of touch and attention seems to be a thing of the past for society back home
 Dove right
As I went to the streets to pray and feed the homeless, as I went to the poorly equipped hospital, and to the dump that houses a community who scavenge it for a living, I realised something very deep has shifted within me. No longer am I looking at what condition the person is in, focusing my attention to being an answer or to fixing the problem but I am deeply connected to the one, to the person and not the problem
The lesson Jesus sought to teach me has finally gone home
I pray that this article will help you to discover the power of the one and that bringing Jesus to them will always remain of greater value than silver or gold.
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