Action Zones 

Final Days to Make a Difference for Life

 It is anti-life, anti-family and anti-God. It will liberalise abortion law, create animal-human hybrids and create fathenewsflashrless families unless we pray and act to stop it. Will you do so? Each person’s contribution counts.

Join us the following:

Attend Rally for Life in Westminster, London this Saturday 18th October at 1pm:

For those in Northern Ireland, attend Abortion Rally this Saturday 18th October at 1pm:

Attend Lunch time Prayer Rally on Wednesday 22nd October at 1.00pm – 2.00pm to campaign outside Parliament, Old Palace Yard, Westminster, London  SW1P 3JY, the day the Bill is being debated in the House of Commons. Please come. If you are in London, please use your lunch hour to come and pray with us:

Find out where your MP stands on life issues:

Contact your MP about the Bill. Email or telephone with a message is best at this stage. You can download our Information and Action Pack which provides information on all the relevant issues within the Bill to contact your MP. It also provides guidance on contacting your MP and contains example letters for you to use:

Sign the Alive and Kicking Petition:

Watch Video Clips on HFE Bill
We have a number of video clips on the HFE Bill on our Mediacentre web pages, including news reports featuring CCFON staff and colleagues from other Christian organisations. Watch the videos here:

Help fund the campaign: