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Viewpoint from Roger Hill 

Member of the Yarmouth Seventh-day Adventist Church



It’s hard to be a good Christian these days.  It’s easy to be distracted from our priviewpoints cross logo jpegme objective to be worthy of the name Christian.  A follower of Christ, someone like Him!  But then it has always been so.  Satan hates Christ so we can expect the same opposition.  Jesus said “Take up your cross and follow me” the implication of that statement is obvious.  Our Lord promised he would return to this earth to deal with the sin problem once and for all.  He also made it clear the conditions prevailing close to that event.  In Luke 21v26 it says “Men’s hearts failing them for fear.” It clearly states in 2nd Timothy chapter 3v1-7 conditions prevailing in society just prior to the Second Advent. 
As Christians we should be clear about what is goCIMG0059 webod and what is evil Isaiah 5v20 and we should call sin by its right name, not try to justify our wrong behaviour.  It is so easy to bend principles for the sake of convenience.  In Daniel chapter 6 it tells how Daniel knew when the other princes serving King Darius became jealous of him because of his exemplary service, and pole position in the government.  He also knew when the decree went out that no-one should petition any God or man within 30 days save the king, that he had been set up. 
The prospect of being thrown to hungry lions would influence many of us to compromise perhaps.  Daniel’s practice was to open the shutters of his dwelling and pray three times a day to God.  This he continued to do knowing full well the consequences.  He could have left the shutters closed to hide his activity, and he could have changed the time when he prayed.  But he didn’t, and God protected him. 
The Apostle Paul was another man who followed God irrespective of the consequences.  In Acts 14 it describes the visit of Paul and Barnabas to Lystra.  How Paul healed the man lame from birth and all the people in the town thought Paul and Barnabas were Gods and wDove rightanted to worship them.  This horrified Paul who barely managed to persuade them otherwise, but this gave the two an opportunity to preach about Jesus, and His power of healing.  Then Jews came from Antioch and Iconium, who persuaded the people of the city to stone Paul.  So incensed were the mob that they didn’t take him outside the city walls which was the usual practice, but stoned him on the spot.  Then they threw his body outside the city thinking he was dead.  When his companions came out and stood round him, he rose up and went back into the city.  I think that is the very last place I would have gone considering the brutal treatment he had just received.  Furthermore he returned to Lystra on his return journey.  I suspect God had a hand in saving his life, for stoning is invariably terminal.  How fickle human nature is.  So it was with Jesus.  Many, who had hailed Him as the Messiah and had strewn palm leaves in front of the donkey he was riding, shouted “Away with Him, crucify Him” at His trial.”  Daniel and Paul put their total trust in God – they were the real thing!