Action Zones 

Making a differnce on the streets


God's Big Yellow Bus Initiantive for Yarmouth and surrounding District.

A small group of Christians in Gorleston are exploring the possibilities of setting up volunteers to work on the streets of Gorleston and Great Yarmouth at night.  Nothing has been finalised yet but the opject will be to reach out to the homeless, give hospitality to the lost and helping vulnerable young people out at night.  The idea is to have a yellow bus as a base to work from and for workers to have at hand bottles of water, tea and coffee and lap tops with information on such things as drugs, smoking, pregnancy, gambling, debt-management, housing problems, eating disprders etc etc.  Most important of all there would be a background of Christian music and instead of preaching the gospel volunteers would be the gospel!
This is to be a multi-denominational Christian initiative for our town as it is too big for one chuch to manage.   Prospective volunteers do have to take part in an interview which lasts for approximately one hour before they are accepted on to the training course.
To become a Steeet Pastor requires great commitment and motivation and a strong personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.   Norfolk street Pastors already operates across Norwich, with other towns interested in setting up new branches.
There are a growing number of similar Christian groups in many towns and cities across the country, many of which have been set up by the London-based Ascension Trust.
What do they do?
  • A warm drink for a homeless person.
  • A pair of flip-flops for an unsteady girl who can no longer walk in her stillettos.
  • A bar of chocolate to calm rising aggression.
  • A friendly ear or a shoulder to cry on.

These are just some of the ways in which Street Pastors are making a real difference on the late-night streets of Norwich.


Norfolk Street Pastors work in teams of four from 10pm to around 3am once a month to offer care, concern and a listening ear to anyone in need.  We work on the street, visit nightclubs and work in partnership with the club staff, the Police, ambulance and SOS Bus.

"People are really touched
when you tell them you are
praying for them.
"If there is a fight you can wander
up and offer chocolates -
it's amazing how that can calm
things down."
Olly Turner
Street Pastor


BarbieDoubleday"I love meeting all the people,
especially young people, I
want to be there for them if
they want to talk to me, I
know it's not us who helps
them but God helps because
the intercessors are praying
for every conversation we
Barbie Doubleday
Street Pastor
Could you help?

To be a Street Pastor you must be aged over 18, be a regular church worshipper for at least a year and be prepared to undergo several days of training.
The next course  will be on Saturday 13th September 2008 at 10am to 4pm there are still a few places vacant but be quick!
If you are interested and would like to know more, please contact: Val Dodsworth or on 01603 472753.