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Viewpoint from Betty Digman

Betty Digman  
Member of Gorleston Baptist Church


Aviewpoints cross logo jpeg man complained to his friend “I just can’t take it anymore”. His friend says, “Why, what’s wrong?” He replies, “It’s my wife. Every time we have an argument she gets historical.” “You mean hysterical, don’t you? “ the friend asks. “No”, he says, “I mean historical.   Every argument we have she always brings up the past”.
We have all done things in our past that we regret and would love to erase if we could.
Well, the good news is there is someone who can. This man was born 2,000 years ago and came into the world to live and die upon a crosDove rights, taking the punishment we deserved upon himself. Through His death, all our sins were poured onto him, setting us free and giving us eternal life. This new life is a free gift given by Jesus Christ.
His hand is outstretched, waiting for us to receive it.
The choice is yours. You can be born again with all your sins erased if you say yes to Jesus, asking him to forgive all the wrongs you have done and put him into the centre of your life, remembering him in everything you do and he will show you the right way.
So why don’t you let go and let God take over.
Such love that Jesus gave his life to save ours.
This is our Risen saviour.