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Viewpoint from 'Eternal' the all girl band



All things are added together for good!

Et2284585ernal are one of the most successful girl bands with more than fourteen consecutive hit singles in thviewpoints cross logo jpege UK as well as hits in the USA, Australia and Japan.  Amazingly, they have reached the top fifteen with every single they have released to date. 
On one occasion in 1994, they performed before HRH Princess Margaret at the Children’s Royal Variety Performance. Just before the performance they were seen by another cast member with their heads bowed, huddled in the wings he came over and joined them and together they lifted the whole show up in prayer. A rush of energy and determination mixed with a sense of peace and calm takes them over and now they are ready.  For Eternal, their worries and nerves are pushed aside as they walk out on to the stage and face the audience and cameras.
All of them are committed Christians, and still make time to pray backstage before each performance. They feel it’s important to say ‘thank you’ for yet another opportunity to use the gifts that God has given them. For Easther and Vernie, their earliest memories of singing go back to when they sang in church during a time when their mother was a pastor there.
They have never hidden their Christianity, and have realised that they have many opportunities to be open about their spirituality in front of the world’s media. Their albums and singles also often contain lyrics which unmistakably express the girl’s Christian faith. It’s also important for them to show that a belief in God doesn’t mean you have to be boring, in fact quite the opposite.  
They do believe that part of their success is their unwillingness to sell their records by using sexy images. Deliberately side-stepping the temptation to be a sexually based group, they feel that an image that sees them more in control, particularly through their complicated dance routines, is more attractive to their audience. 
Easther`s favourite verse is: 
We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him, those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8 verse 28. 
Easther says, "This is the verse that really seems to fill up my heart at the moment."
"The reason I believe that God makes ‘all things work for good’ is because I feel that if it wasn’t for the Lord I wouldn’t be in such a successful gr2284557oup as Eternal. And I feel that if I keep on believing in Him and letting the Lord choose my path for good or for bad, it will always be the right one, for there’s a reason for everything in life." 
The vuntitlederse talks about ‘all things’ too. So often we desperately want to see God at work in isolated incidents, but He is concerned with changing every circumstance into our long-range good. He is able to see things from a distance much easier than we can, and although it may seem at times that God isn’t sorting it out like you would like Him to, he really does know best. 
What’s really great is that this verse is one of God’s personal promises. It’s not just for anybody though, but for those who love Him, and who are part of his special family. As Easther says "I know that I must trust him and let him choose the path for my life, in the good times and the bad. I understand that it will always be the right path, because God will always be able to take all that life throws at me and eventually use it for good."
By courtesy of Christians in Entertainment