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 Christians must ‘recover nerve’, testify Christ

At a time when Christian witness should be at its strongest, there is reluctance even among Christians to speak about faith in Jesus, the Bishop of Rochester told journalists at a major summit of conservative Anglicans.
church19823a9332Speaking at a press conference at the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) on Tuesday, Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali urged Christians to speak up about their faith and remain committed to mission among those who have still not had the opportunity to hear the Gospel.  “Let us pray we are able to recover the Christian nerve in the West and to make sure the Gospel is not lost,” he said.
Bishop Nazir-Ali added that it was the right of Christians to be able to witness to people of all faiths and none, including Muslims. “Just as Muslims have a right to invite others to join Islam, Christians have a right to invite others to Jesus,” he said.
He said in an address earlier in the day that “the future of the Anglican Communion is to be found in its authentic nature, not in recent innovations or explanations”.  Scripture, the Bishop continued, has to remain the authority that underpins any church: “The Bible is the norm by which we appreciate what is authentically apostolic.“That is the reason for the Bible being the ultimate and final authority for us in our faith and our lives and this is the reason why Anglicans have taken our study of the Bible so seriously.”
He also urged Anglicans to be clear in their confession: “We have to be clear that we are a confessing church. Some people have the mistaken idea that Anglicans can believe anything, or that Anglicans can believe nothing. I don’t know which one is more serious.”
GAFCON takes place just weeks before Lambeth Conference, a 10-yearly gathering of bishops from around the Anglican Communion.  Bishop Nazir-Ali said at the press conference that his decision not to attend the conference “has to do with being in Eucharistic fellowship with and teaching the common faith alongside those who have ordained a person to be bishop whose style is contrary to the unanimous teaching of the Bible and of the Church down the ages”.


By courtesy of Christian News