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STOP THE TRAFFIK campaigns on sex and chocolate

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STOP THE TRAFFIK campaigns on sex and chocolate.
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How many are trafficked into your home town as sex slaves?

Would you know if you passed them in the street?

Or are they hidden from sight and forgotton?

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80% of trafficking victims are women and girls who are mainly enslaved in sexual exploitation. They are transported around the world, across borders and within countries to feed the global sex industry.

STOP THE TRAFFIK wants to empower communities to help bring Safety, Hope and Choice to sex trafficking victims.

The STOP THE TRAFFIK Community Action Pack against Sex Trafficking is coming out in June.It will have ideas for schools, community groups, businesses, suggestions on what to look for and what you can do on your street.

The community action pack will involve raising awareness in schools and local groups, mapping what’s happening in your community, carefully gathering relevant intelligence and building local partnerships with your council, police and social and health care services. Information on what is actually happening in communities is desperately needed by the authorities to STOP THE TRAFFIK in your area.


Our Action Packs launch STOP THE TRAFFIK Community Action against Sex Trafficking groups (STOP THE TRAFFIK CAST groups).

These action groups are made up of all sorts of people from a community who want to engage in this difficult area of sex trafficking.

This will be a group that is willing to work long term rather than see instant results.  But with STOP THE TRAFFIK CAST groups working across many countries will create an invaluable picture of what activity is going on. Together we will accumulate information that can be used by police and other authorities to rescue victims of trafficking and prosecute the traffickers — not just in your community, but across trafficking routes. This will be a groundbreaking movement, the first of its kind.

Is this something you are willing to do? Talk to others in your community, office, street, neighbourhood, pub, or other local gatherings to see if you can commit to this.

Watch out for the Action Packs on Sex Trafficking and Chocolate launched on the website next month with ideas for Freedom Week (Nov 24 – 30)

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More and more people are choosing to only eat chocolate that is traffik free.


Image of chocolate egg wth text "Children love Easter eggs. Except the ones who are forced to make them".

Over Easter Fairtrade Easter Egg sales went up nationally by 20%. Thank you for buying fair trade chocolate.

But there are still children being trafficked and exploited. THE FIGHT IS FAR FROM OVER.

Industry needs to deliver their promise to stop trafficking and worst forms of exploitation of children on cocoa plantations in Ivory Coast by July 2008.

Do you think they have done it?

Industry would like the next few months to pass quietly, to be able to say the things they have done and avoid the questions which expose what they have not done.

We will not let that happen.

Every child matters more than any profit, balance sheet or brand name.

Our chocolate campaign continues and it is at a critical moment. We will send a CHOCOLATE ACTION EMAIL soon on how you can hold the chocolate industry to account.  The chocolate industry deadline for delivery is 1 July 2008. We will not let that deadline pass unnoticed.

We are in a position now to make a bigger impact than ever, but to take up that opportunity we need financial support. Please donate to STOP THE TRAFFIK, your contribution will make all the difference.

There is so much happening around the world: new STOP THE TRAFFIK offices; the chocolate campaign is growing each day; and new resources are going on line as we focus on SEX and CHOCOLATE.

But change will only come when we make a choice to get involved and do something.

Trafficking begins in the community and it will be stopped by the community

Thank you for being part of STOP THE TRAFFIK

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