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Viewpoint - Les Cockrill

Les Cockrill,   a member of Great Yarmouth Quaker Meeting
Do you find it difficult to say things that you do not mean? I do.
When it comes to saying a creed I find that all I can say with integrity is “I believe in God and in Jesus”. For the rest of the time I stand silent in respect to those who honestly feel able to say more. It in no way bothers me that others have a belief that goes further then mine. This is not to say that there are not other parts of the creed about which I wonder, think and perhaps have some belief: but is my belief in any way similar to the belief of those who are reciting the parts that I cannot feel comfortable to say?
When it comes to wishing to accept and be acceptable to others there is even a difficulty with the word God. I use the word God with a capital gee because of my western christocentric education and culture but by so doing I may be treading on the toes of those who have the same belief as I but use names such as Mother Spirit, Allah, The Name that may not be said, etc. What matters is that we are all of us recognising and responding to that of God that is within all people and, I believe, within all of the universe.
The first of the Quaker “Advices and Queries” reads:
“Take heed, dear Friends, to the promptings of love and truth in your hearts. Trust them as the leadings of God whose Light shows us our darkness and brings us to new life.”
Words and symbols can be so meaningful and important: but can also be such blockages to communicauntitledtion. For example, I am grateful that the header for Viewpoint does not incorporate a cross: I find that to be an unnecessary expression of exclusivity that would, I am sure, inhibit readership although I know other church members would wish it to be there. 
By contrast I find the use of the word “The Light” is helpful. Light, like The Spirit or God, is empowering, encouraging, enables growth, facilitates movement and those are things that our spiritual journey through life is all about. To borrow another Friend’s words “We are unequally experienced, differently endowed, equally vulnerable, interdependent and precious.”


Yvonne Hill 28/03/2008 09:23
The cross and dove is still the logo for Viewpoint we use the full logo on this website and the dove for the Mercury. The Holy Spirit can reach people no matter what logo is used.