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Children whose dreams came true

The only limit to a dream is a child’s imagination

Everyday a dream is fulfilled through Dreams Come True. Since the charity was founded in 1988, we have made dreams come true for over 3,000 children and with your help we can put a smile on the faces of many more.
In 2008 we celebrate our 20th anniversary and our aim is to increase the number of dreams fulfilled by 20% during the year. With 10,000 children diagnosed each year in the UK with life threatening and long-term illnesses there are many more dreams to come true.
Dreams case studies
Here are just a few of the many Dreams Come True to show how we have made a difference to children's lives….
 JackJack's army day
 Jack, aged 8, has twice battled a rare form of leukaemia.  His dream was to spend a day with the army and especially to have a ride in a tank.  We were able to make Jack's dream come true thanks to the Household Cavalry Regiment in Windsor.  Jack rode in a horse drawn carriage to Windsor castle where he met some of the guards before having lunch in the officer's mess.  In the afternoon he was shown guns, tanks and other military vehicles, but the highlight of his day was when he got to ride through Windsor in a tank kitted out in an army helmet and jacket!
LucyLucy's pink wheelchair
Lucy, age 7, comes from Norwich and was born with cerebral palsy. Her dream was to have a specialist wheelchair (in hot pink!) which would allow her greater independence and enable her to fully enjoy family outings. We were delighted to be able to grant Lucy's wish after receiving a donation from Bayer Crop Sciene as part of the Young Poets of the Year Competition run in partnership with the Eastern Daily Press. Lucy loves the colour pink, and is over the moon with her new wheelchair which she needs to use for longer distances. In Lucy's own words the chair has meant that she can smile again.
Taylor with dolphin
Taylor is 11 years old and was born with a genetic disorder called Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telanglectasia which is sadly a rare condition affecting her blood vessels. It limits her ability to walk, and she suffers from shortness of breath. She has unpredictable good and bad days, with heavy nose bleeds and fainting episodes. Taylor's greatest wish was to be around wildlife, especially sealife. Dreams Come True organised a swim with dolphins in Orlando, Florida.

MatthewMatthew on his trike
Matthew is a delightful four-year-old who has Downs Syndrome. He has very low muscle tone and is not yet walking independently. Because of poor-co-ordination and strength problems, Matthew is unable to ride a normal bike. He took delivery of his new specialised trike , made specifically for Matthew which has given him the ability to build up his physical strength and balance skills. It has made an incredible difference to Matthew who is able to cycle to school like all of his friends – with just a little help from Mum.
KaraKara with her book
Kara is a 10-year-old girl who was diagnosed with bone cancer in her right arm. From a very young age Kara has enjoyed writing and her dream was to have her stories published. With Dream Come True's help, Kara's had the first edition of her book ‘Tales of Cunburra' and other stories' printed and released to the public. As Kara continues with her intensive chemotherapy treatment, she is able to get great joy from holding her very own published book that she wrote at the amazing age of 9½!
Hamish with his beach wheelchair
Hamish is a nine year-old boy who contracted Vaccine Associated Paralytic Polio at the age of nine weeks leaving him physically disabled. Hamish and his family live quite close to the beach but he was unable to join his brothers and sister on their outings as his wheelchair could not go on the sand. Dreams Come True found a solution to his predicament in California. A remarkable beach wheelchair with wide wheels ensuring a smooth ride over sand. Hamish is now able to join all the family fun on the beach!



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By courtesy of Dreams Come True charity