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Viewpoint - Dave Weeks, City Church

Dave Weeks
Pastor of City Church Great Yarmouth

How do you describe someone who is wonderful and amazing ?


Tviewpoints cross logo jpego help us understand how wonderful and amazing Jesus is, the Bible gives Him over one hundred and fifty names and titles, each one describing a certain characteristic about Him. Some may be familiar, like Jesus the ‘Light of the World’, or Jesus the ‘Good Shepherd.’ while some may not be so well known. One of my favourite titles or names given to Jesus is the name ‘Bright Morning Star.’ As each new day dawns, gradually, one by one the stars all give way to the light of day until there is only one star shining, the brightest star known as the ‘Morning Star.’ Christ, as the morning star, is the One who shines more brightly than any other.



The morning star heralds in each new day. Jesus began a ‘New Day’ when He first came to earth. He now offers everyone who comes to Him a ‘New Day’ in their lives. I feel sure there are many people who would welcome a new start in their lives, even a new life itself. Jesus says He can do this for those who come to Him. We may be going through a very dark period in our lives at the moment. We may be suffering bereavement or sickness or personal problems. We may be anxious about what is happening to us or where our life is going. For some of us we may feel in a hopeless situation or perhaps our hopes and dreams have faded away. Jesus says “I am making   all things new!” so we can have renewed hope in our hearts.

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Before the advent of modern navigational methods, men used to navigate their way by looking at the stars and working out their position from them. As the ‘Bright Morning Star’ Jesus wants us to let Him guide us through our lives. A story is told of a man who was in a boat in a storm. He could just make out the morning star shining through the gloom. He told himself “If I lose sight of that star I am lost.” God tells us He has plans for us, plans for a future and a hope. If we keep our eyes fixed on Him He will be our guide through whatever life sends our way and will bring us into the life which He has for us.