Action Zones 

Be Disability Aware and Friendly

Perhaps you would please spare a few minutes to think about the events, meetings, and services you get involved in organising:




a)      Could somebody in a wheelchair get in, get around inside easily, and use the loo, without having to ask for help?
b)      What about somebody who just has difficulty getting around, like me?
c)      Could someone who is blind or partially sighted do so, and could they understand what is going on, e.g., could you provide large print, Braille or taped versions of paperwork and presentations?  Do you always use a non-serif font?  How will they know who else is in the room?
d)      Could someone who is deaf or hard of hearing follow what is happening?  e.g. do you provide a loop system for people with hearing aids? Could you get a signer?
e)      What would you do if someone who is deaf/blind turned up?

You never know who might come to a public event, or want to use your service.
f)        How do you think someone with a learning disability would cope?
g)      And providing refreshments, even coffee, means you have to consider quite a few things.
This obviously doesn’t cover every disability/impairment you will come across e.g. involving people with mental health problems needs a lot of thought, but if you get these things right you are well on the way to being accessible.
I’m always glad to help, so come and have a chat. If I don’t know the answer, ‘I know a man who does’, as they say
Lindsay Seward

Great Yarmouth Borough Disability Forum

01493 859597