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Viewpoint - a question of faith

Unlike previous contributors to this column, I am not a churchgoer. I am thus, sadly some may think, pviewpoints cross logo jpegart of the vast majority of this country. I was brought up in the Church of England, and was a regular attendee whilst growing up, but became tired of the church’s ever accelerating slide away from traditionalism e.g. the singing of what amount to pop songs and calling them “modern” hymns, the replacement of pews by chairs, vicars who like to be called by their Christian names etc. Moreover, the only shaking of hands I ever did was after the service at the main door with the vicar who thanked me for attending. Nevertheless, I do not for one minute decry those who attend and enjoy the fellowship a good church can provide.   
Despite my non-appearance at church I hold my faith in God very dearly. I see His wonders around me every day. I know, with certainty, that He liveth in me and in those who hold similar beliefs. Even those who do not acknowledge their faith in His presence must remember those times when they have said “Thank God” for this or that without really realising the meaning of what they have uttered. I was unsurprised to read that the co-pilot of the BA jet, on having a problem at Heathrow, was quoted as saying that he had felt the hand of “The Man Upstairs” helping him to guide his plane to what was a miraculous, if somewhat out of the ordinary, safe landing. His admission, in no way, weakens our perception of his and the other crews’ efforts to save the aircraft but recognises the comfort that, from time to time, we can take from an unseen hand. 
Recently, a well-known manager of a football club was hailed, in a typically overblown media manner, as the returning Messiah. The belief of the fans that this “Second Coming”, as described on their multitude of banners, would cure their ills is a display of their faith. Like all sports fans they want their heroes to do well but they are destined to face many disappointments en route to what they see as salvation. Experience, however, tells us that any success is likely to be short-lived. It usually is in football. 
That enthusiasm is, in many ways, a mirror on most peoples’ lives. During our brief appearance on this earth we strive to do well, to lead a happy and largely successful life. Of course, we all face challenges along the way but, if we have faith, we can take courage and strength from God to face up to our problems and, with His help, overcome or lessen them to one degree or another. Unlike football supporters, I know I will not face disappointment ultimately and that, when I die, I will rejoice to see my Maker in the face. It is all a question of faith.


By D S Plumpton

Paul Juby (Guest) 13/02/2008 12:05
Dear Friend of Jesus
I rejoice that you continue to follow Jesus. But I am sure that there is far more spiritual reward when you fellowship with others - "Where two or three are gathered together...". I am unhappy with my own Church because I believe we are not following the Great Commission of bringing more to Christ. However, I stay within because fellowship is precious and I pray daily for what is missing. Look for a fellowship that suits you, there will be one. God bless you. Paul
Mary (Guest) (Guest) 14/02/2008 11:06
I understand how you feel, the church is not as perfect as it could be, however, we are all sinners grasping on to the cross and feeding on the free gift of grace. Perhaps you need to find a church with a smaller and loving congregation and one where you are able to air your views. The Bible says we should not forsake the assembling of ourselves together Hebrews 10 v 25 and it is stated in this passage that we should be together especially in the last days. By worshipping with your brothers and sisters you may be able to give encouragement and uplift to some needy soul. God bless you, hope you can find a happy place to worship, will pray for you.
rodwittee (Guest) 13/04/2008 19:47
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Yvonne Hill 17/04/2008 17:52
Message from the webmaster to Ariskilia. Your 3 comments were exactly the same and they do not relate to the article or comments above. Please note that this facility is not to be used for advertising or anything other than a Christian related comment. I am sorry but we have had to delete your comments which you may have placed on this website in error.
Shealueta (Guest) 31/05/2008 07:45
Without taking into account the issue of establishing a stone by God, which he won't be able to pick up, how do you think, may be something in this world, what can God never see?