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Christian Aid launches new East Anglia website

LifebB4DeathHomeChristian Aid in East Anglia has launched a new website to keep its supporters and others informed of its work and resources.
Put together by Christian Aid’s Norwich-based East Anglia initiatives co-ordinator Eldred Willey and designed by Network Norwich communications officer Keith Morris, the new website will keep visitors up to date with the latest news, events, campaigns and resources from the Christian charity.
The site also contains details of local Christian Aid speakers, its youth activities, useful website links including video, audio and presentations and details of how supporters can get involved.
Eldred said: “In East Anglia we are a small group of Christians in the heart of the Church seeking to serve Jesus as He lays the foundations of justice, on which his Kingdom is built.
“We believe that the extra channels of communications which the website offers will enable us to do this more effectively and connect with more people.
“If you have details of news or events connected with Christian Aid in East Anglia, please send us information which we can put onto the website.”
Send your news and events to
If you would like to sign up to the occasional Christian Aid e-newsletter to be kept up to date, and the regular one from Network Norwich, please e-mail your details to