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New team will run the Viewpoint column

A NEW team has been appointed to organise the Christian Viewpoint column in the Gt Yarmouth Mercury newspMERCURY NEW TEAM WEBaper Veronica, Yvonne, Gemma and Roger. Veronica and Gemma are members of Gorleston Baptist Church and Yvonne and Roger belong to the Seventh-Day Adventists. 
They say: "We bring with us an enthusiasm for God’s word and a strong desire to see God’s work acknowledged and appreciated throughout the region.The many denominations in this country are all working towards the same end, which is to reach those outside the Kingdom with the good news of Jesus Christ. To do so, we need to share those experiences which we have and the truths which we believe in, and this column is one way in which this can be done".
Our aim is to let as many people as possible use this forum to make themselves heard in our modern world, where the Christian perspective is often drowned out by the secular clamour; so if there is any topic on which you would like to write, showing how your Christian faith has influenced or informed your life (actions, opinions, thoughts) please get in touch with us. Whether you are a churchgoer or not makes no difference. Please e-mail us on to contribute, or if you have any comments or queries about the column. Please note that the previous hotmail address is now obsolete so please disregard it.
viewpoints cross logo jpeg WEB
We hope that you will support this venture and look forward to the months ahead. There will from time to time be ‘Guest Appearances’ by prominent Christians in our society but the column is intended primarily for local people to have their say. Keep reading, let us know what you think, and watch out for those ‘special days’ – you may be surprised at some of the names which will appear under the cross-and-dove logo!
All Viewpoints will be published on and can be accessed under the News heading. If you would like to give your opinion on any article, please feel free to air your views on the website’s forum or, if you would prefer, you can send a letter to the Mercury.


photo submitted by Roger Hill